Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FlashBus Tour - The Beginning

Ferry leaving Seattle for Victoria, BC

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Grippi & Calli, tasting Tea ??

1st ever Starbucks....I def prefer this logo

Here I am in Seattle for the start of one of the most exciting "Photo" industry events ever to happen...The traveling party consists of Joe, David, Drew, Calli, Grippi, Karen & myself. 6 weeks, 29 cities, all aboard "The Bus". Pics of the actual bus will be posted tomorrow when our driver, "Cool Breeze" pulls up to the Convention Center. Almost 10,000 people are signed up to see Joe & David do their magic on stage with Speedlights, small flash. What these two guys can accomplish with a photo, simply put is amazing...and based on the crowds that have registered over the past month or so, and the calls that Margi has been fielding on the FlashBus Hotline, this is already an epic event and day one hasn't even taken place yet.
Tomorrow is a full run through rehearsal, and the first of 29 cities begins on Friday. If you haven't seen the schedule, take a look, and if you haven't signed up yet, there's still seats in a few select cities. Take a look:
More pix and more tales from the road to come....Here's a few snapshots of downtown Seattle from this afternoon. Enjoy.

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Had a great time at the event today. Thanks for all the hard work!


rukiya said...

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